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What is a stretch ceiling?

A stretch ceiling is a ceiling-under-ceiling system, with a variety of colours and textures.

What material are stretch ceilings made of?

Stretch ceilings are made of polymer films, a special plastic mixture developed by KreativSpanndecken that is safe for health and has been used for years in medical technology and the food industry.

Does the old ceiling have to come out? (wood etc.)

No, the old ceiling can remain, the stretch ceiling is installed approx. 6cm lower under the existing ceiling, thus guaranteeing a clean and minimal construction load.

What does a stretch ceiling cost?

The price of a stretch ceiling depends on various factors: Room size, room shape, choice of foil, etc. A meaningful offer can only be made after the dimensions and design have been chosen.

How do you care for a stretch ceiling?

Our stretch ceilings are easy to clean. Due to their antistatic properties, they are dust-free. However, if soiling occurs, the ceiling can be easily cleaned with a special KreativSpanndecken cleaner.

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