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Dress the blanket with multilayer Apply stretch ceilings

Make ceilings cover? The Apply stretch ceilings are a new generation room covers. Decorative cutouts in the fabric allow artistic interior design: butterflies, flowers, figures and more are finally possible! Creative blankets from Geestland near Bremerhaven design your blankets and make them unique.

Get your advice now. Our dependable employees measure your rooms and tailor-made fabric to cover your ceiling. Professional and results-oriented!

Ceiling Covered by Designer - Apply stretch ceilings

Lattices, nets, starry skies and more - you can let your creativity run wild with a play of decorative details, color and light reflection. Your children will especially appreciate the color scheme with different patterns.

We provide you with an individual room design - with multi-layered stretch ceilings. We are happy to assist you in creating the Apply-style ceiling design as well as choosing suitable foil colors. In this way, you get a beautiful interior that makes your home look comfortable and beautiful. The images of the Apply blanket can be combined, multiplied and scaled.

What are you waiting for? Have your blankets dissected by the designer from Geestland!

Stretch ceilings as an alternative to plasterboard ceilings - interior design in offices

The Apply stretch ceilings are an excellent alternative to the multi-level plasterboard ceilings. They are particularly well suited for large areas, such as open-plan offices.

As the application of the Tensioning Material requires specific knowledge, experience and strict compliance with the assembly rules, you should absolutely contact the certified specialists of our company.

Contact us on stretch ceilings for the living room, dorm, bathroom and hallway. We look forward to dressing up your blankets.

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