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Ceiling covering – matt stretch ceilings for more living quality

You want a beautiful ceiling cladding in your living room? KreativSpanndecken is your first point of contact when it comes to the installation of stretch ceilings of all kinds.

Our competent staff will gladly advise you on mattress covers that you can get in different colors. Talk to us about the creative ceiling design. We are happy to make you a fair offer!

Ceiling covering in your living room - Stretch ceilings make it possible

A unique texture that resembles classic plaster - matt stretch ceilings are classic and visually enhance your space. With a slight light reflection effect, the room is excellently illuminated, so you are guaranteed to feel good.

Whether in your own four walls or in hotel rooms - the ceiling cladding offers a meaningful design option for every room.

The advantages of a mattress blanket are obvious. It resembles visually the classic plaster that many property owners prefer because it is high quality and modern. In addition, the light is reflected excellent, which is why the matte stretch ceilings are ideal for bedrooms.

Renovate bedroom and nursery - beautiful ceilings in every room

The matte ceiling trim is an understated design element that is very popular. As professional, reliable experts around stretch ceilings, we take over the planning and subsequent installation of your desired ceiling paneling.

We measure your rooms to the nearest centimeter and produce individual tensioning materials that are tailored to the size of your room.

Do you want to refresh your premises? It does not always have to be a new wall paint. How about a new blanket? Creative blankets takes care of the design of your property - without extensive renovation work! Contact us!

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