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Ceiling design - satined stretch ceilings with mother of pearl shine

Are you looking for a professional who is familiar with the ceiling design? Creative blankets informs you about custom stretch ceilings that are chic and practical! We have specialist know-how and convince with an excellent price-performance ratio.

With passion and enthusiasm we renovate your blanket within a few days - dust-free and proper.

You want a satin matt stretch ceiling in your bedroom? Satin-coated stretch ceilings with pearlescent reflect the light without light reflections.

Different types of lighting provide color shading of the surface and thus create a unique play of light. Learn more about the creative ceiling design!

Ceiling design: satined & matt stretch ceilings for your rooms

Living room: The living room is one of the most important rooms in the apartment. A room where all family members come together to have interesting conversations, receive guests, rest or play with the children. To increase the feel-good factor, the ceiling design should be included in renovation plans. How about high-quality, satined stretch ceilings?

Bedroom and children's room: A satined stretch ceiling is simple and gives the room shine and light. It is also suitable for dormitories: The surfaces look high-quality and luxurious in combination with light colors. Satin-gloss stretch films refine your bedroom and give you peace and relaxation.

Satin Spanndecken - We help you with your renovation in the area Bremerhaven

Kitchen: We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We cook, eat and meet with our friends there. Therefore, the kitchen design should be given a lot of time and commitment. Satinised stretch ceilings are ideal for the ceiling design of your kitchen - comfort and trend combine!

We design your premises. Take a look at the gallery and be inspired by our creative results!

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